• Next day delivery or pickup.
  • Delivery/Shipping anywhere on Paros.
  • Minimum delivery order 25 euros.
  • Flat fee 3 euros for deliveries.
  • Free pick up at Open Garden Restaurant daily 6pm to 7.30pm.

We celebrate simplicity.

Our story.

At Open Garden Restaurant, in the backstreets of Naoussa, we share the warmth of the Cyclades: hospitality, generosity and -really- good food.

Our team is here to look after you with a genuine smile. 

You are welcome. Truly. 



Our kitchen is inspired by the culinary diversity of Greek food and the use of ​local, ​fresh ingredients. 

We serve unpretentious dishes,  with a contemporary twist.

All cooked with love, and delicate simplicity.

From plant to plate.

We grow most of our vegetables from seeds. From planting to harvest to plate, through the use of companion planting and with the precious help of lovely garden bugs, we naturally care for them with love and respect.
Handpicked in the morning, served in the afternoon.

Arvest to table

Staying safe

Our top priority is the safety and well being of our team members, our guests, and every single member of our community.

To keep all of us safe, we have implemented new health and safety protocols that go beyond our already strict standards.