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We care.

We care about our planet and at a smaller -but equally important scale- about our island. Some of the causes that we support or actively help are located on Paros, others have a more global impact.

We believe that there are many ways to make a difference: act, support, donate or volunteer.

As small as any of these actions that you could do might seem to you, every little act -or cent- has an impact and makes a difference. And if you can't help in any of the above ways, there is always one that demands no effort: simply share the word. Thank you for caring (and sharing).

Animal welfare

FEP began their activities in 2011 as an Animal Welfare Volunteer team in Paros and is a formally recognized Animal Welfare Association since January 2014.

Their activities include improving the conditions of mistreated chained dogs, taking care of stray and abandoned cats, dogs, and puppies, with a neutering program and a program of animal adoptions.

They also aim to raise awareness on animal welfare in the local community. 

In 2017 they established a Legal Veterinary Clinic in Naoussa - Paros for the sterilization, treatment and rehabilitation of stray animals and owned pets belonging to financially challenged families. 

PAROSCAT is an animal welfare non-profit civil partnership (ΑΜΚΕ) registered in Paros in 2016, with the goal of helping to stop the suffering of the stray cats of the island. It seeks community and business support to reduce the stray cat population through responsible ownership, neutering and the application of animal welfare laws. It relies on funds from its annual membership fee (25 euros), individual and charity donations as well as fundraising events.

Wild life

ARCHELON was established in 1983 under the name The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, and it is a non- profit association aiming at the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats in Greece. It's main activities are monitoring and research, rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured turtles and raising public awareness.

ARCHELON collaborates closely with state agencies, the local authorities, institutions, other NGOs, fishermen and local inhabitants in order to mitigate and reverse population reduction of sea turtles. We also participate and contribute in the implementation of projects co-funded by the European Union.

And they also monitor, with the collaboration of Anima and Naxos Wildlife Protection,the nesting beaches in Paros.

The Aegean Wildlife Hospital (ALKIONI) based on Paros Greece, was established in 1995 with the aims:

• To treat and rehabilitate all wild animals which have been injured (often deliberately), become exhausted during migration or have become ill and fortunately find their way into our care.• To encourage the protection of the fauna through Environmental Education, which increases awareness and involvement of the entire community.• To protect important wildlife habitats.• To never use euthanasia.• To insure that any fauna unable to be released into its natural habitat, is housed by the Hospital in conditions, which are secure, quiet, and above all suited to its lifestyle for the term of its natural life.• To make sure that mammals and migratory birds are released back into the environment where they were found and that migratory birds are released either at nesting sites, or during migration along migratory routes.

They don't have a website but you can contact them through their facebook page.

Marine conservation

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to researching and defending the biodiversity of the Greek seas and islands, as well as the entire eastern Mediterranean.

Since its creation in 1998, Archipelagos has been focusing on the combination of multidisciplinary scientific research and efficient conservation work in which local communities play an active part.

This strategic cooperation enables and strengthens Archipelagos' actions at local, national and European level, allowing it to protect aquatic and terrestrial life against ever-increasing human destructive activities.

Against plastic pollution

Common Seas is a social enterprise tackling the plastic pollution crisis by driving new policy, investing in the circular economy and catalysing a cultural shift in how we make, use and dispose of plastic.

Their mission is to quickly and significantly reduce the amount of plastic produced and stop it polluting our rivers and seas.

In 2018, under the name Clean Blue Paros, they launched their very first Clean Blue Alliance project on the island of Paros.