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Karipidis Estate - Sauvignon blanc


The introduction of Sauvignon Blanc in the Greek Vineyards played an important role with regard to the development of the contemporary profile of Greek white wines. Although its presence is not as strong as that of Chardonnay’s, the Sauvignon Blanc variety has undoubtedly been the most influential in shaping the palatal preferences of the modern Greek wine consumer.

Sauvignon Blanc was initially cultivated in the region of Macedonia and was a partner of other varieties for some blends: the most successful recipe was the marriage of Sauvignon Blanc with Assyrtiko.

Bright sub-yellow colour with green hues. A complex aromatic palette in which the vegetal characters of asparagus and pepper coexist with notes of ripe fruit (melon, peach, pineapple). Rich, it distinguishes for its cool acidity, fattiness, complex taste and persisting, fruity aftertaste.