• Next day delivery or pickup.
  • Delivery/Shipping anywhere on Paros.
  • Minimum delivery order 25 euros.
  • Flat fee 3 euros for deliveries.
  • Free pick up at Open Garden Restaurant daily 6pm to 7.30pm.

Delivery policy.

Things to know before you order:

  • We deliver/ship exclusively on the island of Paros, anywhere accessible by our delivery car, with no limitation on kilometers. 
  • We deliver on a daily basis: simply place your order by 10pm the evening before the day you like your order delivered.
  • We aim to deliver all orders between 12 to 2pm daily. Please allow flexibility, as road conditions may affect delivery times.
  • We'll get as near as the condition of the road allows us to -hopefully at your door.
  • If the road to your place is too rough for our car we will call you and set a meeting point as close to your place as possible.
  • Minimum order for delivery 25 euros with a delivery fee of 3 euros. 
  • Payments are securely processed by Stripe. 

Note that if you place an order with a delivery adress outside the island of Paros, we will have to cancel it and bank charges that we don't control might apply.


Health and safety:

Our top priority is the safety and well being of our team members, our guests, and every single member of our community. 

At Open Garden Restaurant we are committed to using industry best practices in the preparation and handling of food to ensure the quality and safety of every meal. At this stage, the advice for food safety standards is that transmission through food is considered unlikely and there is no evidence of this occurring with Coronavirus to date. Still, to keep all of us safe, we have implemented new health and safety protocols that go beyond our already strict standards.

  •  All work surfaces in the kitchen and premises are sanitized daily.
  • Our cooking station has minimal interaction and any shared equipment is sanitized between use.
  • Team members wear face masks at all times, gloves when required.
  • All Team members are obliged to be tested for covid twice a week.
  • We follow strict and thorough handwashing guidelines and use of our hand sanitising at the workplace.
  • We have implemented a stringent cleaning program in our kitchen.
  • Our delivery staff wears mask and gloves.
  • Contact between our delivery drivers and the customers is kept to a minimum with payment upon ordering.
  • We sanitize our thermoboxes to meet our strict hygiene standards at all times.

If you have been tested positive for Covid-19, or you have recently come and are in self isolation, you must advise us so that we can set up a contactless delivery.


Dine in health and safety:

  • Only outdoor seating available.
  • Reduced seating for more spaced tables.
  • Tables are sanitized between seatings.
  • Contactless menu available with QR code.
  • Contactless payment station available in outdoor area.
  • Hand sanitizers are at your disposal when entering our space and on each table.
  • To keep all of us safe  face covering is mandatory to anyone entering our space or while away from the table.


Sustainability/packaging information:

We did a lot of research these last years sustainable single use containers. Sadly, there is no good packaging when it comes to single use, there is only less bad packaging, so we tried to find the best options according to hygiene/food safety standards, sustainability and functionality.

We mostly use packaging from recycled paper, nice glass jars that we hope you will keep and reuse (or otherwise dispose at a glass recycle bin), containers made from sugar cane,  aluminum for convenient handling and heating in a regular oven. 

We do not provide any single use cuttlery or straws.


Thank you for reusing and properly recycling. We care about our blue planet.